Snob? Me?

Stuck-up! That was the worst insult we kids used aloud in my area back in the ’50s. We heard all kinds of words: the ‘h’ and ‘n’ words, for instance. But we knew enough to whisper those. Stuck up? That word could be thrown loudly about the playground without adult intervention.

I suppose it isn’t surprising that those of us worried about what folks thought about us spent a lot of time learning to hide anything that marked us as ‘better than’. Through the years, I’ve learned about the harm those whispered insults caused. But, only lately have I come to see the effects of our prejudice against thinking too highly of oneself.

Yet, I know I am a snob. I know I think I am better than some. What IS the prejudice, though? Something to do with education, but that’s not it. Folks seeming completely satisfied knowing little outside of themselves? Folks I find nothing in common with? By many people’s interests that might include most of the Universe, but I am interested in ever so much! I’m able to relate to almost anyone.

You do not have to meet me halfway, I will converse about your interests. I will happily learn what you teach me about what I do not know. But: aren’t you interested about anything except your own hatred of those who are not like you?

I was wrong. I DID my identify my prejudice.

Daily Prompts – Upturned Noses:

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Retired SOCIAL WORKER, MOTHER of 3, step-mother of 3,GRANDMOTHER to 14, former bookkeeper, computer support personnel, office manager and several other odd jobs over the years, RUNNER (in the turtle category), CHRISTIAN, NATURE LOVER, CAMPER, fisher... student of life...
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